20 Questions To Pick a Million Dollar Product To Sell Online

Check out this infographic from the guys at A Better Lemonade Stand. If you want to learn how to import from China to get your e-commerce business going, check out the Import Crash Course. Enjoy!

How To Choose Million Dollar Products To Sell Online – Infographic

These infographic appeared first on  A Better Lemonade Stand.

Here is a summary of the question

1. Q. What is the potential market size?
2. Q. What does the competitive landscape look like?
3. Q. Is this product/niche a trend, a fad, growing, or flat market?
4. Q. Does this product/niche have local availability?
5. Q. Who are my target consumers?
6. Q. What is the potential markup?
7. Q. What is the potential selling price?
8. Q. How many different SKUs do I need to manage?
9. Q. Can I re-sell to the same customers with a subscription?
10. Q. What is the size and weight of my products?
11. Q. How durable or fragile is my product?
12. Q. Will my niche suffer from seasonality?
13. Q. Does my product/niche solve a pain point or serve a passion?
14. Q. What will my product/market/niche obsolescence look like?
15. Q. Is my product consumable or disposable?
16. Q. Does my product have a shelf life, what is its perishability?
17. Q. Do my products or market have any restriction or regulations?
18. Q. Will I be able to scale this product/niche/business?
19. Q. Can I sell/position this product better than my competitors?
20. Q. Am I passionate about this product/market/niche?


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