4 Steps to Becoming a Niche Expert

1. Pick a niche

I know I am stating the obvious here, but this is a good place to start. The first thing you need to determine is are you doing it for love or are you doing it for money? I tend to lead towards love, as selling things you do not care about usually tends to get old really quickly, unless you enjoy the research, the game, etc. That goes along with shipping and finding a product. However, if you are not really into these things than I do not suggest selling something just for money, because you will more than likely end up hating it.

So the next question is… What do you love? I have spent years importing products from China and am always searching for the next cool or big thing, this year after a bit of a dry spell and felling like I could not find a product that really inspired me, I decided to create my own product. That was the best decision in the end as, I love selling it, and I am selling something I can be proud of. Furthermore, it is super niche, so the people who buy it are really qualified customers looking for this specific product, which also makes talking to your customers a lot more fun!

2. Ask customers

Your customers are your best resource. Ask them what products they are using or what products that they would like to see. Maybe you can help them solve a problem, a great example of this is Shyp (google them), extremely simple niche solution that solves a major problem. Remember that the most simple problems and solutions are typically the ones that people will pay the most to have solved. Next time you are doing something and think ‘Ugh this is so annoying’, write down what is annoying an revisit the idea later. How could you solve this? Are you the only one suffering from this problem? Do my customers suffer from this same problem as well?

Your customers are already fans of what you are doing and will be more than willing to help you out. All you have to do is ask.

3. Magazines

If there is a niche out there, there is almost certainly a magazine that goes along with it and these magazines are teeming with ideas.

Study hard and become an expert on your niche and you can begin to predict trends, as well as, develop products or services based around your niche that will also generate revenue. Magazines often have the latest trends, new movers and shakers in your niche, as well as many predictions as to where the market is going. Often times you can find a new product in these magazines that you can piggy back on to help solve a problem or fill a need. Read a lot and study hard!

4.  Join Forums

Forums are hot beds of ideas and information. Typically these forums are some of the most ruthless and honest places you can find on the Internet. Join them and get to know the people who frequent them. Ask a lot of questions and you will get a TON of information. Furthermore, when you do have an idea these people are probably your most honest platform for pitching it. If you can convince the subscribers of a niche forum that you idea is good than you really have something.

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