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8 eCommerce Blogs You Should Be Following Now

There are many eCommerce sites out there that can give you valuable information about your online business. But their are few that give you the complete experience. Case studies, guides, podcasts, etc. So we decided to put together our top ecommerce blogs.

Ezra Firestone –

Ezra – Ezra is the man. His website is full of free valuable content. He has a bunch of ecommerce websites. His masterminds have helped hundreds of people. Check out the reviews here.

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Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen – The Lifestyle Business Podcast


Dan and Ian use the  The Lifestyle Business Podcast as an outlet to share their experiences with other entrepreneurs. They have a small ecommerce business with 13 employees and revenues of 7 figures. The guys have recently expanded their Tropical MBA program to help entrepreneurs looking to make their business location independent. They also have a top 25 podcast on iTunes.

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Leighton Taylor – Ecommerce Pulse

Leighton-Taylor – A site by Leighton Taylor. He believes that a lot of the resources and guides out there assume everyone is knowledgeable of ecommerce. But people really can’t afford high priced websites and don’t have an idea where to start. Leighton does his best to outline everything as throughly and as detailed as possible . He avoids assumptions as much as possible and shows people how to bootstrap their projects.

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Ron Rule –

Ron-Rule-, – This guy is old school. He has been working with large brands, developing ecommerce site and engagement strategies. His blog is filled with tips and current events of whats going on in the e-commerce universe.

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Andrew Youderian – eCommerceFuel

Untitled-1 Andrew currently owns a number of eCommerce stores – including and Right Channel Radios – that are largely managed by his team in the U.S. and abroad. He is the author of Profitable eCommerce, a well-reviewed ebook on starting an eCommerce store. The site great because gives his personal account on many things ecommerce related and he run a highly rated podcast. He also has an awesome ecommerce forum that is generating awesome discussion.

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Richard Lazazeera – A Better Lemonade Stand

Richard-Lazazeera by Richard Lazazeera. He is digital marketer and e-commerce entrepreneur and has been doing it for over 5 years. I love the name of the site because EVERY American knows the started from the bottom story of the entrepreneur who started with a lemonade stand and is now a millionaire. The site is filled with interviews and how to’s for you to take your business to the next level.

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Mark Hayes – The Shopify Blog


Shopify blog – Mark is the head of Public relations on Shopify. He also runs the Shopify blog. He is the co-author of The Ultimate Drop Shipping Guide. Very detailed online guide about drop shipping. The posts on the blog are detailed and  relatable to newbies and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

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Gary Vaynerchuk – &

Gary-Vaynerchuk & The King of social media. I mean it. He is by far the most customer focused guy I have EVER met. He started doing ecommerce with i list him because he is the person you go to when you think that twitter follower with one follower doesn’t matter. According to Gary that twitter follower can be on 2 degrees of separation apart from Oprah or Mark Cuban. He shows you how to build a loyal customer fan base through social media.

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