Your Supplier Doesn’t Need You

Your Supplier Doesn’t Need You and unfortunately that is the truth and let me explain why. I have been importing millions of dollars worth of goods for 5 years now, so I have learned a thing or two about dealing with suppliers. The reason I am sharing this with you is because I just dealt with…

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How to find a supplier in China

How to Find Supplier in China: 5 Tips

Consider you think of a product concept or believe you have market channels for several items, and you want to know how to find supplier in China because of the small product development expense and lower production expense there. When you search in Google the item name or concept, you can find a lot of…

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7 Tips on How to Source Wholesale Products

When you are establishing a retail enterprise and searching for products to offer, you must know how to source wholesale products. Figuring out on how to source wholesale products could be difficult, and there are surely many things that business owners must be aware of. This acts as a guideline which includes useful information for…

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