Crash Course Update #1

This is a quick post updating people on the Alibaba Crash Course I am creating. I validated this idea on on reddit by asking a simple question. The response was CRAZY. 1,000 email addresses later I have started production of the course. It’s pretty awesome and fun to create.

Here is a video update on the course. You can also preorder it now for 50% off.

This is going to be an import and export course to get people into shape for making through product sourcing and manufacturing.

Here is the blog post that started everything. Feel free to pre-order the course now if you want to get it for a %50 discount. It will be ready soon.

[Message: Reddit Peeps that helped me validate the course. You get the entire course for free (No need to pre-order). You can choose to pay for the membership site but the book will contain ALL the material you need]

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