Chinese Holiday

How Chinese Holidays Affect Your Importing Business

What happens when the hard working people of China go on holiday and no one is working? Yea that thought that popped in your head is right. Nothing happens.

Some notable Chinese Holidays are:

  • New year day (one day): 1 January
  • Chinese new year (3 days): January or February (depending on lunar calendar);
  • Tomb Sweeping Day (one day): April 4
  • Labour Day (1 day): May 1
  • Dragon Boat Festival (1 day): May (depending on lunar calendar)
  • National Day (3 days): 1 to 3 October
  • Mid-Autumn Festival (1 day): September / October (depending on lunar calendar)

These holiday are awesome for their cultural value but in terms of production they can suck for importers. EVERYTHING in China stops. The workers return to their families and home towns to celebrate.

There are celebrations from the last day of the old year to the 15th day of the new year. Family members eat very good. Enjoying large meal together, fireworks, time with friends, presents. Red is used all over to make the atmosphere warm and intense. Out with the bad and in with the good is the mentality.

During Chinese New Year over a million people travel to celebrate with their families. For about 3 weeks people will be unavailable.  It is rude to expect Chinese people to work on their holiday.

So what can you do?

Predict how these holidays may affect you and plan accordingly. You don’t want to schedule any import during this period. Because your order will not be shipped and your customers won’t like it.



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