Import from China into the USA: 9 Steps

Many will promise that when you  import from China into the USA, it is going to be ‘much simpler than ever,  it may still be very difficult task. The guidelines listed below break this task down into simple yet comprehensive steps.Import-from-China-into-the-USA

Choose a product to import from China into the USA

The initial step to effective importing is deciding on the best product. This could be more challenging than just choosing the lowest priced product offered, or the one, that may enable for the maximum mark-up. Several instructions to follow when choosing your product include:

a. Go with a product you like. Passion could keep you inspired and it is transmittable, so others will certainly get excited about your item more readily, once they can see your passion into it.

b. Consider the shipment costs. Products, which may be transported in huge quantities, could be much less costly as compared to those that cannot. Consider the dimensions of your product and the quantity that you are able to fit into a single shipment.

c. Think about the uniqueness of the product. If making a product that’s not quite one of a kind, you might run the chance of having another person start mass producing it to import from China into the USA. How-To-Import-from-China-into-the-USA


Write down the list of Chinese exporters, or distributors

You could find distributors by making use of professional sourcing organizations or online outsourcing directories. Some great sites to begin include:

– This is a listing of Chinese distributors offering purchasers with product listings, comprehensive company details, contact information, details regarding the company’s culture, and factory photograph tours to import from China into the USA. You may check out at

–          China Yellow Pages. This is an outsourcing directory that contains lists of goods together with supplier internet site URL’s and contact information. You could find China Yellow Pages at

– This is an outsourcing directory with many Chinese items, giving purchasers with comprehensive contact details for every listed company. The internet site also provides selling and buying leads, tradeshow details, and also trading resources for sellers and buyers. can be found at

–          Analema International. This is a skilled sourcing company offering purchasers with services like help determining appropriate suppliers, support in negotiating with suppliers, and quality assessments both throughout production and prior to delivery. You may see Analema International on the internet at


Speak to each supplier on top of your list.

After getting a list of exporters for you product import from China into the USA, you can start asking inquiries to be able to know the supplier that can meets your needs. Some points you will need to ask each exporter to give you with include:

  • Customer references. A reliable supplier must be able to present you with client testimonies and references. When they do, take a look at them!
  • Business licensing details. You need to ensure that any company you are doing business with is appropriately certified and in conformity with all relevant trade laws to be able to prevent future legal issues which might affect your enterprise when you import from China into the USA .
  • Production and staffing details. Make sure you know about exporter’s relationship towards the manufacturer, i.e. do they produce the item on their own, and if not, do they get compensated by the producer as well, or do they just work for you?
  • The name and site of the manufacturing facility creating the item. In the event that an exporter will not give you with the name and address of the manufacturing facility where the item is made, they might not be a reliable supplier to make a product import from China into the USA.
  • Details about the expertise of the factory in creating your specific product. Price is not the only thing to consider when selecting a supplier, quality might be equally as essential, and the manufacturer’s expertise could be a very good sign of the quality of work.
  • Samples of the item. Unless you will be producing your own new item, the supplier must be able to give you samples of the item, which intended to import from China into the USA so you can get a much better thought of the quality and realize beforehand exactly what you are purchasing.


Make a deal together with your preferred supplier

Keep in mind that business connections with Chinese exporters are ruled by Chinese tradition and cultures, and various negotiation abilities and techniques might be needed. Some points to bear in mind when dealing with Chinese suppliers consist of:

  • The concentration is on relationships. Chinese usually do not do business with corporations or company, they are doing business with people, and every business deal makes a new relationship together with the other party. Chinese exporters are consequently unlikely to get into a deal till they have got the chance to become familiar with you a little.
  • Reliance is on moral effect, not legal procedure. Chinese professionals often depend more on a party’s moral responsibility, instead of its legal one. That is not imply you must disregard the smart business procedure of getting a signed contract, however you ought to allow your drive to obtain a signature on the agreement take a back seat to developing a trusting partnership where every party seems morally responsible to do, even when they did not need a signed agreement.
  • Hierarchy is essential. Shaking the hand of the low position executive first or calling a high-ranking executive by his or her first name may endanger interpersonal relationships and influence a Chinese executive’s openness to make a deal. Seriously consider how executives deal with one another and stick to their lead.


Find U.S. resellers.

Finding resellers for an item could be a challenging and time consuming procedure when you have a product import from China into the USA, however you are able to raise your probability of achievements and reduce the period of time you invest by using some easy steps.

  • Get in touch with each possible reseller by phone and introduce yourself as well as your enterprise to the decision maker.
  • Inquire if they want to get some details through email and confirm their email address.Send a short email having a professionally created attachment, which explains your enterprise as well as your item that you import from China into the USA.
  • Follow-up with a telephone call several days following the email and ask to have an appointment. At the appointment, offer your product and have a signed contract in order to begin ordering item that you import from China into the USA.


Start placing your orders that you want to import from China into the USA.

Each provider may have a minimum order quantity and a basic shipping arrangement. The most typical kinds of shipping agreement for Chinese exports towards to America include:

  • Express Mail Service (“EMS”). EMS is known as a globally shipping service that operates together with the United States Post Office (“USPS”) in delivering products from different countries to the USA.
  • DHL International (“DHL”). DHL is the global shipping company offering shipping assistance widely used by Chinese suppliers to deliver products to the USA.
  • Free On Board (“FOB”). FOB is utilized for freight delivery, along with a port of loading. This implies that the seller is in charge of paying transportation expenses of the products to the pointed out port of loading, or shipping, and also loading expenses. The purchaser is then accountable for make payment on expenses of transport, insurance, unloading, and transportation in the arrival port. In this particular kind of arrangement the purchaser owns the products the moment they depart the port of shipping of product import from China into the USA.



Get the item by means of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

(“CBP”) and pay your obligations.

For assistance with this, speak to a service port of entry in your area that you have a product  import from China into the USA. Request to talk with a CBP import consultant designated to the item you are importing. Import consultant may present you with item specific requirements, advisory duty charges, answer your inquiries regarding filing an entry, and may help you with preparing and submitting the necessary documents. You are able to find a port of entry as well as its contact details by going to the CBP’s internet site at


Coordinate for pick-up and transport.

Speak to a commercial cargo provider that you have product import from China into the USA in order to arrange to get your delivery picked up in the port of entry and delivered to your storage place or local merchants. Cargo companies could be found by visiting the local business directories or preferred online phone book.Import-from-China-into-the-USA


Ensure you or the company you are purchasing the item from files the ISF (Import Security filing).

This must be completed a day prior to shipment sets travel or before the product import from China into the USA. In case this is not executed by either you, your broker or perhaps the shipper, you might have to cover a $5,000 penalty.

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