Original Equipment Manufacturer

So today we are going to talk about Original Equipment Manufacturers or (OEM), so you might be asking what does OEM mean? and more importantly how can I do it?

Fear no more my importing Ninja’s we are going to discuss this all. 🙂

What is OEM?

OEM basically means you find a factory that is making a product you like, you ask the factory to change a few things maybe color, some small design features, or maybe nothing. Then you ask the factory to put your name on this product and then all of a sudden… You have your own brand! Awesome!  Many companies use private labeling, because it’s cheaper to have someone else make your product rather than you building an entire production plant to get what you need. This is especially useful for new companies that are just starting out and want to grow their business.


Why OEM?

Because it distinguishes your product from others, you can begin building customer loyalty and a story behind your brand and eventually if your product, sales and business are good enough you could sell this brand to a bigger company or continue running it yourself. Plus it gives you the ability to customize the product so you can implement your own brand strategy and image. Furthermore, if you are doing something like food, beverages, supplements etc. you can even tweak the recipe a bit, so that you get exactly what you are looking for. There are a ton of OEM/Private Label companies out there and this is all that they do. The value in having your own brand is HUGE in my opinion and you should definitely  be doing it.


How to Get a Factory to do OEM

Simple… Just ask, most factories, as long as the amount you are ordering meets their MOQ for OEM products, are more than willing to do OEM projects. Like I always say, just give them as much enough as possible about exactly what you want and they will make it happen. I can tell you from first hand experience, when you get your first product in the mail with your logo on it, it feels AMAZING.


Uses for Ebay and Amazon:

If you have your own brand and you list your product on Ebay and Amazon your product will standout and be easier to find, plus it is a great way to make sales and begin to engage your customers and earn their loyalty.


Ghetto Labeling

Cannot afford OEM, do some ghetto labeling either re-package the products in your own packaging or put your sticker on the outside of the box. There are many things you can do on your own, to customize your product without spending the money to do an OEM or Private label product.


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