20 Questions To Pick a Million Dollar Product To Sell Online

Check out this infographic from the guys at A Better Lemonade Stand. If you want to learn how to import from China to get your e-commerce business going, check out the Import Crash Course. Enjoy! These infographic appeared first on  A Better Lemonade Stand. Here is a summary of the question 1. Q. What is the potential…

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Your Supplier Doesn’t Need You

Your Supplier Doesn’t Need You and unfortunately that is the truth and let me explain why. I have been importing millions of dollars worth of goods for 5 years now, so I have learned a thing or two about dealing with suppliers. The reason I am sharing this with you is because I just dealt with…

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Chinese Holiday

How Chinese Holidays Affect Your Importing Business

What happens when the hard working people of China go on holiday and no one is working? Yea that thought that popped in your head is right. Nothing happens. Some notable Chinese Holidays are: New year day (one day): 1 January Chinese new year (3 days): January or February (depending on lunar calendar); Tomb Sweeping…

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Import from China into the USA: 9 Steps

Many will promise that when you  import from China into the USA, it is going to be ‘much simpler than ever,  it may still be very difficult task. The guidelines listed below break this task down into simple yet comprehensive steps. Choose a product to import from China into the USA The initial step to…

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How to find a supplier in China

How to Find Supplier in China: 5 Tips

Consider you think of a product concept or believe you have market channels for several items, and you want to know how to find supplier in China because of the small product development expense and lower production expense there. When you search in Google the item name or concept, you can find a lot of…

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7 Tips on How to Source Wholesale Products

When you are establishing a retail enterprise and searching for products to offer, you must know how to source wholesale products. Figuring out on how to source wholesale products could be difficult, and there are surely many things that business owners must be aware of. This acts as a guideline which includes useful information for…

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Intellectual Property in China

Most people’s biggest fear about producing a product in China is getting ripped off or having their idea stolen. Why?? Because Intellectual Property in China can be VERY confusing. But never fear my little importing ninjas, the land of the far east has heard your battle cry and is responding. Yup, this is right is planning…

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Original Equipment Manufacturer

So today we are going to talk about Original Equipment Manufacturers or (OEM), so you might be asking what does OEM mean? and more importantly how can I do it? Fear no more my importing Ninja’s we are going to discuss this all. 🙂 What is OEM? OEM basically means you find a factory that…

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Knowing These Certificates Could Save You a TON OF MONEY!!

Certificates!!! Ahhhhhh what do I need?   This can be one of the most annoying, troublesome parts of importing in my opinion. What certificates do you need to import what product in what country? Ugghhh I am already annoying and I just started writing about this. I have been through the ringer with this stuff…

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How Should You Pay When Importing From China

Payment Options When we asked entrepreneurs if they wanted a comprehensive course on how to import from China, they all said yes. The biggest concern they had was payment. How should they pay their supplier. So we decided to make The truth is that there are many scammers online. And at the end of the…

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